Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If its not one thing...Its another

So I was getting so excited that the bathroom was FINALLY coming together, tomorrow one of Jon's friends is going to come over and show us how to put texture on the walls, and things were just looking good. And then me and Jon are chilling in the kitchen when we hear a "POP" and the light in the living room goes out. So we go in there and realize that 1. the light is out 2. the fan isn't spinning and more and 3. the place smells like burning electrical stuff. LOVELY!! So the first words out of my mouth is " I am calling my daddy" DADDY TO THE RESCUE!! YAYYY!! So as dad is telling me what to do Jon is telling me what he is doing, VERY FRUSTATING by the way and I am begining to realize just how much I hate my house!! THERE SEEMS TO ALWAYS BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS DARN PLACE. So I am just going to leave it at this--to all those looking at buying a home---BUY NEW!!CRY ONCE!! Ok so that is it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


So OK OK OK I know I just got over saying how I wasn't going to be only about working and stuff, but this weekend rocked!! I got so much done in the house I feel great! The bathroom is finally starting to look promising. I fixed the toilet (all by myself) and Jon patched up the two holes in the wall. I am still not sure if we are going to be able to just paint it, but I am warming up to the thought of putting texture on the walls. It is a complete disaster right now but with a little imagination I can see it coming together perfectly.

Jon is fabulous, just doing his homework right now, I am so proud of that boy! American goverment and American history eech that just makes me want to fall asleep right now, but they are both right up his alley. And although he is really stressing about finals this week, I am sure that he will do fine.

The cats are really peeing me off though, they SOO prefer Jon over me!! WHAT THE CRAP IS THAT ALL ABOUT!! I am awsome! Jon just ignores them, so I think a good beating is being called for. Yeppers

Ok i am just blabbing on and on now so I am going to stop now. LOVE MY FAMILY!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Yep so I am just sitting here thinking about life and all, and I realized that I kinda suck. Not suck like Valerie sucks, but still suck none the less hehehe. I feel like I never do anything anymore!! Like work at work and work at home seem to dictate who I am now. So I am going to change that! I am going to drag my butt out and do stuff from now on!! No more cleaning and fixing in my free time, my free time is going to be just that FREE TIME!! Me and Jon are going to go out and fish and hike and climb (we haven't gone at all this year!) I am going to get in shape and quit smoking (this time for good) I am going to eat healthy food, and no more pringles!.. yeah now that I see this all written down I think I take the eating and getting into shape out...BUT THE QUITTING SMOKING STILL STANDS! OK I totally thought that this blog was going to be much longer and more entertaining then this but whatever, I am bored so I am done now. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Little known fact about Sarah #1

I feel a sense of accomplishment when I pop a really good zit.